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We Swiss – Mongolian independent filmmakers are going to shoot a feature film „Out of Paradise“ in Mongolia, from September to October of 2016.

“Out of Paradise” is a very personal yet universal story. Nowadays when our society has less and less time to reflect on our rapidly changing world, we feel it is a perfect time to bring this story to the big screen.Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-17 um 09.23.32




What we’ve done so far:

        • Written 98 pages of script: carefuly consulted.
        • Fixed crew: ready for shooting.
        • All actors are casted: including main and even supporting roles.
        • Locations chosen: visited and accurately checked.
        • Postproduction schedules such as editing, colorgrading, filmscore and sounddesign already done.
        • We even have an 18 minute teaser, in which we edited footage from our test shooting. In addition to that, there is also a 1.30 minute trailer.

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We want to work independently of big production companies. It is important to us that the local actors, nomads and staff in Mongolia earn a decent salary. With our own means, donations and crowdfunding we want to make this personal yet universal movie become real.

At the current stage, we’ve found everything we need for our project. All that is left, is to ask you to support us and make this film come true!

Please support us!

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